The Hills Cast Shadows

by Shivver Cliffs

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I tried playing around with song structure a lot with this album. Here's hoping it's not discombobulated as hell.

To my buddy in L.A, my buddy in Ashville and my roomies for helping me with this record and for the encouragement.

Fav Tracks: Drift Close in, Shadow Stance, Television Dreams


released January 26, 2017

^ Check out my friend Boy Band too. He has a truly incredible discography of innovative bedroom pop, that I think everybody should listen to.



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Shivver Cliffs Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: Drift Close In
Broken of what was left
Left with just empty words that were left unsaid
You thought you were wise
Until you realized
It was bland

You're the only thing that felt homely
But now I'm your phony
If I don't find what you longed for
and repair the puzzle
of broken windows on your floor

You were right
You're always right
And you're just
Nothing more
Track Name: F.R.O.S.T
(I saw the Arrival)
At first feigning survival
It was clear there was home in bibles

Miracles and beauty embraced
and you're still too focused on your shape
unmoved by a face
(I thought that was okay)

Frost covers your skin
Try and stay warm
because the darkness in your eyes fauns
and before it's too late it will be gone
Track Name: Shadow Stance
I keep crashing cars for a call
I rarely see you anymore at all
It's real in the moment of self disgust
I realize you're the only one who trusts me enough

But I keep mistaking love for luck

I used to follow you home
And lie on your floor
While you would play with a couple of strings
With steady hands

I wish back then you could see the world through my lens
Always forever in my shadow stance
Left behind with malnourished breaths
You flourished in the future tense
Track Name: Shade
I used to see you
And you're unreadable shades
It made you hard to recognize
That was okay

I knew you unhappy
rarely unwell
We'd line up in the front and backseats
screaming obscenities

But the notes we would shout
couldn't replace our days
and the shit that you made
weren't the breaths that I'd await

I can sense your safer
I can hope your words are truth
I'm not sure of the changes you've made
I'm just sure of the time that we lose

So now I await for the songs that you sing
And the little bit of commentary coming in-between
And try and paint a picture of what you've come to be
But I'm unsure of what is real and what is make believe
Track Name: Television Dreams
I haven't smoked in a couple of weeks
And now I sleep too much
I'm bathing later every single day
Using shower handles as my crutch

I should be reading these books I was gave
But don't care much for what they have to say
Pleasure in watching their meanings decay

Sick of mixing shitty whiskey
With lemon aid and iced tea
I just wanna live In my television dreams
And feeling my old radio-waves gently waving goodbye to me

Sick of back aches from lying down
Sore hands from hitting the ground
But caffeine and crooked fingers
Can't break through where I am bound

And keep on writing
To fail my glistening lie